Work From Home – Amazing Ways To Make Money From Home

Do you want to work in a world where you can do what you really want to do? But you want to give wings to your dreams and don’t want to go to an office or a workplace like marketing. About 15 million people in urban India are living this dream.

Work from home

Do you want to work in a world where you can do what you really want to do? Do you want to give wings to your dreams and do not want to go to an office or a workplace like marketing? About 15 million people in urban India are living this dream. This information is revealed in Freelancer Income Around the World Report 2018. These people are self-entrepreneurs and they are doing their own business. These people are part of the fast-growing group that is contributing to the country’s economy.

Call home and feed, earn big profits

Jyoti Vora of Mumbai is also one of them. Cooking is her passion and she invites unknown people to eat Gujarati at her home. This unique concept of social dining is also known as home pop-ups, and homemakers are earning well. He has also started a small catering business. “I get a profit of around Rs 12,000 from an event through a catering business,” says self-magazine Jyoti.

Like Vora, other self-proponents are moving fast. From virtual assistants, writers, and translators to web developers, everyone is getting unmatched opportunities for online work. According to a PayPal study among 500 Indians in January 2018, 41 percent of self-entrepreneurs achieved rapid growth in a year, with 80 percent of them working with international and domestic clients. The annual income of about 23 percent has been Rs 60 lakh.

Online teaching

Apart from earning money with extra income, Work from Home Flexi also offers other benefits like working hours and not traveling every day. Kajal Sengupta of Delhi realized this in 2009 while on an online teaching assignment. Soon after, he quit teaching jobs and started online teaching. Physics teacher Kajal says, ‘I don’t have to go anywhere every day so that I can give classes late at night. With this, my students do not have trouble even when out of the city.

For this week’s cover story, we have made a list of 8 such works. The information has also been collected about the earnings and skill requirements from these works. However, remember that these are not the easiest ways to earn money. Just like any other job, you have to give your work a certain number of days, usually 5-6 hours. However, most of these options are available online. That is, you can find jobs on global freelancing platforms and career sites. Open a PayPal account and you are ready to proceed.

1. Pop Up Meal At Home

Average earning: Rs 15,000- 22,000

How to start

Cooking at home and inviting 5-8 people for an authentic test of a particular area or special food. This type of food is often multi-course. For an easy start, you can list yourself on platforms like ‘Authenticuk’ and ‘Eat with India’. These websites keep a record of marketing and payments.

Money is decided by you, but these platforms can help you. Amianth Deshpande, the co-founder of Authenticuk, says, “We help the host decide the price based on the previous demand and the experience of the guests for the dinner.” Jyoti of Mumbai has been hosting this type of food for the last 4 years with Authenticuk.

Earning potential

A standard meal with 5-6 items costs more than Rs 1,500, while light food and snacks are available for Rs 600-800. Non-vegetarian food is expensive up to 500 rupees or more. Apart from food, you can also host cooking classes. They charge from Rs 2,000 to Rs 4,000 per person.

The cost of cleaning and grocery comes to Rs 400-500 per person. One-time expenses on crockery and decoration will cost around Rs 6,000. Platforms take their service from the host’s diners. After deducting the cost and fees, you can earn up to Rs 20,000 on average. Sonal Saxena, the co-founder of Eat with India, says, “The revenue of the cost varies according to location, menu, and price.”

Working tip

Instead of serving common homemade food, choose dishes that are specifically related to your culture or region to create a brand image. It will be better with a traditional dress.

2. Clicking photos for stock photo sites

Average Earnings: For newcomers, Rs 2,000 to Rs 4,000 per month. Up to Rs 35,000 after 2 years.

How to start

Whether you are an amateur or a professional photographer, you can earn a good amount by licensing these photos on other websites like stock photography sites like,,, and But there is a screw in it that the photos and vector graphics meet the standards and criteria of the sites. Keep in mind that these criteria and standards are very high. Photos must be at least 4 to 12 megapixels and in JPEG format.

The high standard also means that your photos may be rejected initially. Shubhon Orders of Shutterstock’s Head of Global Communications says, “We review photos and videos based on light, focus, and noise. Apart from this, we also check the copyright issue for logo, label, and cartoons and TV series logo, label, and photos with the logo of the cartoon. ‘

If you are not a professional photographer, then learn the basics of photo editing on Photoshop and Adobe Lightroom. Also, your earnings depend on your download number, so keep posting new photos continuously.

Earning potential

You will get a commission for every download. This commission varies for different sites and you can get a higher price with exclusive rights. The selection standard for photos of GetEmages is very high, but you get a commission of 20 percent for every download.

Adobe stock pays a 33 percent commission and Shutterstock pays a flat fee of Rs 17 for every download. Other sites such as Alamy, Stocky, and Shutterpoint offer 35–80 commission., an Indian stock photo website, pays the highest commission of 50 percent. “Our average download price for a picture is around Rs 4,000-5000,” says Deepak Verma, a senior officer at ImagesBazaar.

Working tip

Instead of giving exclusive rights to anyone’s website, upload it on 4-5 sites with high traffic. To increase visibility, enter the appropriate keywords with each photo you upload.

3. Virtual Assistance

Average earning: Rs 250 per hour for newcomers.
800 rupees per hour after 2 years of experience.

How to start

Virtual assistants provide administrative support to companies by sitting away. His work includes data entry, managing projects, scheduling appointments, maintaining websites and blogs, providing customer service, creating presentations from data, and more.

To become a virtual assistant, you must have good communication skills, basics of MS Office, Excel, PowerPoint. You must have the ability to multitasking to deal with multiple clients. This work does not require any special qualifications. But you can participate in certificate and training programs for credibility in the market. To find work, you can visit job listings, career sites, and freelancing websites such as and on LinkedIn. As experience increases, you can build your website and market your work through social media to expand the network.

Earning potential

Your earnings will be according to the services you provide. For simple tasks like data entry or scheduling appointments, you will get Rs 200 to Rs 350 per hour. If you provide services like social media campaigns, blog writing, or presentation, you can earn up to Rs 1,000 per hour.

Working tip

Identify what work you can do best. Then find clients who need these services. With good work, you can make a mark in a particular industry. Keep increasing yourself to become better and efficient.

4. Content

Average Income: Rs 5,000 to Rs 8000 per month for newcomers
40,000 rupees per month after 2 years of experience

How to start

Good quality web content is needed to start a content business and increase traffic to sites, which has led to increased demand for content writers. The best thing is that you do not need any qualifications. Selecta Deka is a postgraduate in biotechnology and is currently writing promotional content for tech companies. The 31-year-old selector, who runs a blog called TechSule, says that she was not satisfied to become a biotech junior research fellow, so I turned to content writing.

The content requires a strong grip on grammar and the ability to write on different topics. SEO and HTML information will provide additional benefits for web content. The time it takes for each project depends on its length and subject. The selectors, who have been working for 6 years, do up to 30 assignments every month and can earn up to Rs 40,000 a month.

Earning potential

Writing and proofreading work is mostly paid on the basis of words. Sometimes it depends on the project. For promotional content, you can get Rs 1-3 per word while for special content Rs 8-10 per word. For GOST writing (in which the writer does not take credit) up to Rs 5 per word can be found extra.

Global freelance platforms such as PeoplePerHour, Upwork, Freelancer, and Fiverr pay more than Indian sites. With more than 2 years of experience, you can earn Rs 1,030-1,300 per hour. These sites also charge a service fee of 5–20 percent on the total income from the project.

Working tip

Increase your visibility on social media to get more work.

5. Online tuition

Average earning: Rs 20,000 for newcomers
50,000 per month for experienced teachers

How to start

A computer with a high-quality web camera and skill in a particular subject is the key to online teaching. Vedantu, BharatTutor, and Tutor India are some of the online teaching platforms that connect Indian teachers and students with each other. Other websites like,, Chegg. com,, and Amazetutors. You can also teach students living in the UK, US, US, Canada, and Australia.

These sites also require advanced degrees for different subjects and then they pay more. This is why Sengupta, with a master’s degree in applied physics and more than 20 years of experience, has more foreign students. Even college students or non-teaching professionals who have a special qualification can sign up on these sites.

After several tests, mock sessions, and screening and approval, most sites also offer training on virtual whiteboards and video conferencing. Each platform requires 2 hours, so do not signup on more than 3 sites.

Earning potential

Some sites allow direct transactions with students, which means you can set the rate accordingly. Sites like Vedantu have set a fixed pay structure. Vamsi Krishna, CEO and co-founder of Vedantu, says, “We pay full-time tutors salary every month, while part-time teachers are paid per lecture.”

Most platforms have fixed hourly rates between Rs 200 and Rs 2,000, but these sites also charge service fees of 10-15 percent per session. The hourly fee is based on experience, subject, and class level. After 5 years of experience, you can charge Rs 550 per hour. For foreign students, this fee increases to Rs 900. The fees for college courses are more than Rs 250-300 per session. Math, Science, and Computer Science get the most money for tuition.

Working tip

Marketing your profile by adopting premium packs on teaching websites. By doing this your profile will be visible to more students at the top.

In the photo: Kajal Sengupta, 63, Delhi
Online physics tutor
Average earning: Rs 30,000 per month, at least Rs 500 for an hour
Qualification / Training: M.Sc in Physics, Certified International Online Teacher
Self-employed for 10 years
Working hours: 3 hours a day, 6 days a week (for two websites)
Challenge: Finding online students is difficult

6. Translation

Average earning: Rs 10,000 per month for newcomers
40,000 per month for Professionals

How to start

International companies need professionals for the translation of technical documents, websites, mobile applications, and academic papers. To do freelancing as a translator, you have to get hold of more than 1 language. Employers can ask for a Bachelor’s degree or work experience, but if both are not there, you can do the online course offered by the colleges. You can start work with a professional translator or a non-profit organization.

Advanced degrees or certification in languages ​​such as Chinese or Japanese are in great demand nowadays. With such a degree, your earning is likely to increase. After this, there are also opportunities in Indian languages ​​such as Telugu, Punjabi, and Kannada. Other opportunities for multilingual skills include transcribing, proofreading, online teaching, and work in call centers.

Earning potential

For translations of web applications and proofreading assignments, you get around Rs 800 and it takes 6-7 hours. Large assignments such as translation of lectures, academic manuscripts, websites, transcribing interviews, and subtitles give you between Rs 1,500 and Rs 2,500. It takes up to 3 days for these projects. If you are specialized in any technical field or client language, then you can charge up to Rs 3,000 per hour. For example, Tabita Mishra of Pune is a civil engineer and has been working on a freelance website for the last 5 years. She charges Rs 2,700 per hour for translation of engineering lectures, real estate, and brochures.

Working tip

There is a huge demand for translation in Indian regional languages. These candidates do not have to take any course to prove their ability.

7. Web Development

Average earning: Rs 1.68 lakhs per month

How to start

Businessmen and companies are now preferring full-time hiring to freelancer candidates to complete a single project. By doing this, they make cost-cutting. Web developers and graphic designers are getting a lot of money due to increasing mobile applications. Rather, if you switch to freelancing after 3 years of work experience, then you can earn more than working full-time. After this, you will also be able to negotiate a better package after every project.

To be a web developer apart from other freelancing options like content writing, a degree in computer science or related field is necessary. If you do not have a formal degree, you can start an online course. However, you will earn less than those who already have a Bachelor’s degree. As the experience increases, you will be able to increase the rates of your services.

Earning potential

A big project can earn you up to Rs 1.5-2 lakh per month. On freelance websites such as LinkedIn and other career sites, you will find thousands of graphic designing, mobile, and web development projects. Professionals with 3-5 years experience on freelance websites will get Rs 1,000 to Rs 1,700 per hour whereas with 6-9 years of experience you can earn between Rs 2,000 to Rs 3,500 per hour.

Working tip

Learn about front-end (user interface designing) and back-end (database and server) development, even if you have mastered one. Full-stack developers are the most sought after specialists.

8. Social Media Management

Average earning 1.1 lakh rupees per month

How to start

Due to the increasing growth in online advertising and marketing, there is an increasing demand for people who can manage the social media presence of the businessmen. In addition to contacting a social media site for a company, social media management also includes many other tasks.

Developing online marketing strategy in social media management, monitoring presence on social media using analytics tools, analyzing data points, conducting research on target audiences, running social media campaigns and ads, changing marketing strategy to change trends Works like Lana and brand building are included. If you can solve a problem, have proficiency in SEO writing, and mastering marketing tools, then this job is for you. If you do not already have an experience, for basic information, many websites can do an online course on social media management offered by,, and

Earning potential

Earnings in this type of work are either fixed or paid per hour. Speaking of hours, you get between Rs 350 and Rs 2,000 depending on the work and value addition. The fixed payment budget is also decided according to your hourly fees. Keep in mind that there is a lot of bargaining for the fixed payment model because these projects take too much time, and you do not have time for any other project.

Working tip

The world of social media is constantly changing. Therefore, to improve step by step with other platforms, constantly improve your marketing skills.

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